Sunday, March 19, 2006

inverse parallax of the dream landscape

back from the beyond

on a bridge over-looking
an icy river

flowing through an
abandoned dream landscape

a glistening, rippling water
moves beneath me

on all edges...

i am overcome by a sense of beauty
its presence is everywhere

it strikes me
that the splendor of this fact

is not dampened by my situation

for you see
I am suspended above

a narrow ledge

the bridge is ended in front of me

and behind me it does not

to anything
except empty space

i am lost

stranded atop
this plank

a steel matrix
of girders and beams

tethers me
to a frozen ground

hundreds of feet

i peer down

is there anyone
below i wonder?


"Who's there?"

"I Can't get down..."

and even if
i do...

where is
there to go?

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


back from the beyond:

forward is the same
as behind

to my left is a beauty
i struggle
to find

to my right,
a way down but

but not
a way out.