Monday, July 24, 2006



I see two choices continually. The first and most seductive of these choices, is the choice one makes by stepping into the unknown. Taking risk. Looking foe adventure. Motivation. Hunger. Lust. This path usually leads one nowhere. The lure of promise and threat of loss are both great. The decision to take this turn, or not, is usually based on one of these two incentived factors.

The more familiar yet somehow deceptive choice tends to lead one to the antithesis. We know this as going home. Staying safe. Security. Sorry not tonight I have to... I would love to but...

Each decision shares a unique set of reward and consequence. Usually, there is no other way out, it is one or the other.

There is a rummored middle pat, which in this situation would be almost imperceptible, hidden in light like an oasis, slight of hand, hallucination or hologram. Something that at first doesn't seem real, but as time passes is often mistaken for reality itself.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


you see, i have given birth to a myself,

and this self exist as its own self,

its own father, its own mother,

the thing as the thing itself.

you see, there must be


i no longer

have to say

it's not that i have said everything,

i must,

or what i have said is meaningless,

yet rather, what i am


is only a distant probibility,

an amalgorithm,

of a past memory,

a memory of the past


what was