Thursday, August 23, 2007

/ t l u c c :0: 0 :0: c c u l t \

"the tarot", according to the filmmaker and occult master, alejandro Jodorowsky, could "create a soul." folklore, mystery, magic, a gypsy traveler overlooking ones fate... the 'system' of the tarot represents many things to many people. in the most academic of scenarios, the tarot points back to eden and the ancient mysteries of 'the tree of life' - or - what is knows among theologians, theosophist, and religious practitioners alike, as the kabbalah. Aleister Crowley, despite the kabbalah's own sphere of mystery, first made clear in the early part of the 1900's the connection between these to orders or systems of information.

Aleph, the "reconstructed name of the first letter of the Proto-Canaanite alphabet" connects the "zero" to the "beginning." Representing 'truth' Aleph speaks the name of god, mathematically defined an infinite set of points. Aleph may be also revealed as the mystery of the 'occult' - that which is hidden or obscured from view, often to be made know or manifest by apocalypse - or the unveiling of mystery.

the color of the occult, according to crowley was a light-lime green. (continued)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

peaceful union is the priestess

Daughter of the Mystery of the Night, the Priestess Unites the Dark with the Light, the Known with that of the Unknown. The Priestess is the ruler of light, the ruler of wisdom, but also holds the enigma of mystery. She communicates to the living as well as the dead, but she herself is the secret among secrets. She will speak in mysteries and in dreams. Throughout the ages she has been given many names, Eve, Oracle, ISIS, Sphinx, Babylon. Divine will spoken through the Feminine.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A wars being waged and the worlds just a stage

Divine will through the rage of heaven. The Emperor holds the keys to the secrets of the gateways to the eternal. Equally “non-concerned” with enlightenment or the enslavement of the world, the Divine seeks to know itself. As nations are born and decay, the Divine is moved none. To know the nature of the Emperor one must define oneself, not in or as "what one is", or with what qualities, talents, or innate sense of goodness one may posses. The Divine self is known to the degree of which one is not, cannot or will not participate in. It is only the sense of boundary, that can define an individual.