Saturday, April 26, 2008

yes, we are leaving...

it is early spring in this small town. a view from my bedroom window looking east. yes, the documentation will continue of my departure - and arrival to whatever is awaiting there- a few towns south.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

my views from the terrace...

rizotto, the stuffed tuna, and the orpheus tree - traditionally 'up' until easter but what the hell?!? much for tradition.

the 'fated sky' and another view...

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


friday, 4 april 2008 -- first friday at the Main Street Museum!

?Politicking Magic; The Iconographic Cross-Currents of Cartooning and
Conjuring; Selections of Graphic Art and Artifacts from the Chadbourne
Thaumaturgium? exhibition from Thursday, 3 April ? 27 May, 2008

Opening Reception Friday 4 April, 2008 from 6 ? 8 pm. champagne and

Aerial Suspension (of selected patrons of the Museum) at 7:00 pm
our little-er members defy gravity with Montague Chadbourne,
prestidigitator and visiting research fellow for the main street museum
from new york city.

also: "TAROTovMEM" the random digital tarot readings (RDTR) of mark ezra
merrill. come experience it!

but wait, there's more! as a spectacular observance of the birthday of
graham robinson (main street museum roadie and esteemed volunteer), with
and our house band
Pariah Beat!
roots music and so much more!
playing the Museum Stage -- 9 to 11pm

All Free and Open to the Public! Donations accepted for the band!