Monday, May 31, 2010

MOON IN BLACK - The Church

'moon hangs in black' from the operetta ep performed by the church a visual tribute [ 303iamge ] conceived and composed for this group of adept artist musicians painters philosophers lovers fans or whatever we are hopefully to open a metaphysical fifth-dimension from which to experience the fabric tone and or meaning of this sonic lyrical song~scape 

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Instructions: Download clip from youtube as an MP4 file then play using quicktime using its LOOP setting

Saturday, May 22, 2010


1997 i made this audio-loop from the intro to the song 'hotel womb' off the starfish album by the church and recorded it on a 90 min. cassette often working while it played continuously in the background theres a certain level of magick this loop transports or transposes onto ones sense of perception. thanks for listening. mem 5/22

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Dakota and The Plow That Broke the Plains

My love for all things The Church compelled me to create this short video. Made in a record time of four days, the video uses imagery from three films as well as original art work by Tiare Helburg as featured on the Dead Man's Hand Ep

The song's cool non-linear narrative is closely paralleled by a visual narrative, and cascading mandalas generated from the Tiare's flower skull design syncopate to guitars, drums, and vocals highlighting changing moods and soundscapes within the song.

I often ask, really, which came first the video or the song? This question for me at times is the cause of a bit of metaphysical vertigo, some of the parallels of narratives (visual and vocal) seem a bit uncanny - to what degree the imagery influenced or influences the song - I cannot answer alone...

video clips are taken from three films (all free of copyright existing in the public domain):

The Plow That Broke the Plains (1936)
I Killed Wild Bill Hickok (1956)