Friday, April 14, 2006

Can one make visible what is invisible? Or is it even necessary to try? Or is it that, what is visible, most likely, goes unseen?

As an Artist, I look for what I cannot always see.
I am interested in any available insight seen through an internal yet interpersonal individuality.
I seek to understand this influence of intuition; how precepts of integrity, value, and meaning are, in turn, influenced, by emerging experiences in a new and changing bio-political and techno-ecological environment.

As a Painter, I want to challenge my perception.
What can be observed can also be manipulated.
Just as the un-known, sometimes, will become known, what already has been seen, is often forgotten.
This uncertainty is timeless and resolute.
The most puerile action of the painter is an act of seeing and remembering.
My process, as a painter, is deeply dependent on an ability to sublimate the expanding or contracting of uncertainty.

As an American, I hope to refine my critical awareness.
Our Nation State has been set on edge by a war of politics and economics.
The lure of disaster, real or imagined, continually reinforces threats of cultural uncertainty.
Our lives are devalued, night after night, and day after day, through a carefully marketed and managed allegiance to image, product or entertainment, distracting us from seeing what we could see, if we truly wanted to.

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