Tuesday, November 13, 2007


22 Images of the Major Arcana soon to be revealed!
The DEK OVMEM responds to the questions "What is Out There?" and "Why is it There?"

My particular method of Divination is Influenced by the Great Occult and Literary Artists of - Crowley, Kilbey, Burroughs - to Name but Three. It is Inspired by Movements of Neo-Paganism, Post-New-Age Shamanism and the Magnificent Beginnings of New Possibilities Opened By the Discoveries of Quantum Consciousness. Both Music and Image, Sound and Form confer, the old ideas binding the world and her people must eventually breakdown. it is Now the Ancient Mysteries and Unforeseen Future Unfold into the Present Moment. It is Here We can Partake in the Knowledge of all Things, Times, Places, and People. It is There we may receive what before was not recognized. Perception Projects Perspective. What we see, have seen, and will see is singularity against a multi-faceted location within reality, May it Please You! 


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