Friday, October 10, 2008

one for the time being...

In truth I am a liar

I believe what I am are the things I will become

I have no economy

I am a mutable fixed stranger

Inwardly I cry outside I am a shell

I’m hung up on words

Exhausted in meanings

I can’t stop speaking or thinking

I maintain my weakness

I maintain my inspiration with grass

I believe what I think I am I will become

Memory is meaningless and all persuasive

I watch a half-naked moon

Waxing in black air

Nietzsche claimed God is dead

I claim I do not care

But this I can not go on speaking

Without risk of an

Honest portrait of self

1 comment:

Braine73 said...



keep that piece in its place
its warm. and soft.
its heavy breathing
memories of capabilities
its noc noc love

dust to dust
trust the ones we luv
thay think will fullfill
B Raine