Monday, February 02, 2009


A Measure of Continuity Gauged in the Final Resolution of Context:

Impromptu Installation and Performance ART (Part 2)
Here the scene widens. The viewer is ask to explore the meaning of environment and identity faced with the needs and desires of existence. We may find that no one image is complete or able to express adequately the mechanisms sustaining life. A solution to one problem may cause a freeze-up in the flow of our continuity. This expression was indeed the motivational force behind this three-week performance piece. 
Digital Photo 2009
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The Risks And Inherent Dangers In The Art Of Recovery: Self Portrait With Frozen Pipes For Three-Weeks plus Two Phalluses

Impromptu Installation & Performance ART (part 1)
A macabre environment depicts an equally strange and intentionally chaotic setting, perhaps the stage has been set for an impromptu celebration of the artist necessitating rights of an obscure pagan ritual celebrating the significance of a temporary victory over the elements of nature.

Digital Photo 2009

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cherrypie said...

perhaps a blow torch to end it?