Thursday, February 23, 2006

...more from an undisclosed past


there's an open house and
problem at the studio.
the lights won't come on
and there are people gathering
to see my new work.

the electric panel in my studio
has erupted and a complex string
of wire is hanging out of the box.

the studio is filling up. i yell to matt.
he says david is on the roof trying to fix it..

the lights come on quick..

but go off just as fast. already, there are
several people here looking at my
un-illumined works..

and more in the hallway coming...

the electrical wires form an arc and
spring out in a circle, almost as a zodiac.

there seems to be a critical mass,
and a group of people in a circle around
the wires become connected,

and the lights come on.

this time for good.

there are as many people in
my studio as can fit.
matt comes in and sits face to face
with me.

he looks me straight in the eye
and tells me about my life.
he makes a speech and a few jokes

everyone laughs.

people are all writing messages
on the walls between my paintings.
it is a very emotional moment.
they leave shrines in the hallways.

the dream goes on and on...

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