Monday, February 05, 2007

born free radicals

Art is a substitution for life, an inversion, not a memory or representation, but a mirror through which enters a bizzaro universe.

The Main Street Museum is stunned to announce -- "Born Free Radicals" -- a glimpse into a strange, color saturated science of artist Mark E Merrill

Born Free Radicals is not art, it is, in one sense, the actual physical overlay of the Periodic Table onto 20th Century trends of individual artworks and artists. And in another, it is something else, entirely.

A heroic Periodic Table of Modern Elements at the Museum's front gallery
Exhibited simultaneously with New Ready-made Minis -- A Dada concept run amok


Thursday March 22 - Saturday May 26, 2007


Opening Reception

Friday 23 March 5 to 8 pm
Champagne and lemon cake
Sir Isaac Luxon’s Jazz Combo


Artists Lecture by Mark E Merrill “Elements in Crisis”

w/ Q & A & Evasive Tactics
Sunday April 1st 4 - 6 pm


999elements in crisis999

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