Friday, January 19, 2007


Here we are at the edge of the world,
Where all possibilities are distilled into the pure potential
Of your mind

Even the simplest
Of questions
Are sheer impossibilities

What is this?
Why is this?

Playing over and over like a mantra
Eventually releasing us from the limitations
Of knowledge

Our ever increasing need
Of need
Compels us further

Into the void of insecurity
Reluctant and avoidant
Of the gaze

Transforms cities into dust
Mountains into sand
Reality into an uncertainty, perplexity

And complexity
We are powerless against
The forces of the unknown
Here in lies the strength
Of acceptance

The attachment
To what is
Or what is not

The change we must effect
Is forever fluid
The moment we cling to it

To posses it
It is
Forever gone

Dream of now
Forever good

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