Wednesday, July 25, 2007

burroughs as the 'hermit'

"from idea to image" Burroughs as the quintessential 'hermit' or 'prophet' of the space age... the hermit here inhabits the L.O.D. i often wish i could have contacted burroughs when he was alive, and sometimes feel great saddness that this most brillant mind is no longer in the world. his voice was the voice of reason, the voice of time, a great gentle soft wind, a painful wisdom of the aeons, only burroughs lived... to call down the sky.

'example' of an 'idea' of the image, and then further refinement of the symbolism, atmosphere, aestetics, feelings, continuity amon the other images, etc. it's all in fluxx until it's right, and you won't know it until you see it...

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