Tuesday, July 31, 2007


"seven is the card of strange transmutation, seven is the card of female intuition, seven is the card you know not knowing, seven is the shape of things not seen, but showing."

7 is the sacred seal

female intuiton has been known as blind justice, blind peace, but today there is no peace only telepath. telepathy is "further" knowing, as in knowing the truth from a lie.

if there is no justice, there is no truth.

7 removes truth from the void, it transmutes an occult knowledge to a more opaque resonance..

"see this in my colors..."


Anonymous said...

everywhere you go you always take the weather with you
these intuitions, such as the one you resonated with/experienced in the second hand shop
do they arrive as impressions do they
arrive as an awareness of something that seems to call from the 3D as being out of place or
I receive these as well-as many others though some are more sensitive-such as yourself, telepath, and I often wonder
if language creates a barrier to our connection with information from the void


MEM said...
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MEM said...

everything is a 'barrier' or at least a 'distraction' from the void, really

the universe we 'exist' and what we know as 'reality' are a series of collisions between the forces of attraction and the forces of decay, yet what 'we' know of this reality, already is far beyond 'our' abilities of reason.

Einstein was the first, in the west, to introduce what is, if you truly look at it for what it is, a functioning cultural mysticism – which is known by the scientific community and in general, as Quantum Mechanics.

I recommend you check out, if you have not, the 'random number generator' experiments by some shamanic-minded Princeton University professors, what’s happening here is all too interesting...

The precognition I have experienced (and I believe everyone experiences precognition at every moment, but are condition not to recognize ‘it’ as such) have been through my dreams, and there have been some doozies… but this experience was different, all I can say is that I looked into that moment, but looked away twice as quick – so not to distinguish or rupture the momentum of the experience of a forward liner time, which my psyche depends on, to make sense of a profoundly complex and mysterious cosmos – and for that matter, to simply get through the day.

Thanks for asking,


MEM said...



Anonymous said...

I have had many a dream that
"happens" at some point in my waking(?) attention
recently, with more frequency I've been noticing periods of lucidity while awake that indicate an event about to occur (in my linear experience)
and I feel this type of experience is being noticed by more and more people, globally
thank you! for the weblinks, what gifts of creation indeed we are all imbued with and if we just opened
and realised
what we are doing with this power
what we manifest into being
what do you think about newtonian numerology?
my love for einstein! I have a soft spot for the forgetful ol guy, he often-to his wifes chagrin-put his cornflakes in the refridgerator
prolly dazed by the beauty of the cosmos unfolding in his (illusionary ha ha) spoon
thank you for re/minding me

have you read 9 stories by JD Salinger, if not, I recommend Teddy
I read this in fourth grade, and have never quite been the same, and wondered then if our schools could be different, instead of rearing children to be employees
would the ocean be so violent

your paintings leave quite
an impression
did you create these tarot images?

thank you for answering,
a feast for thought and well
we are what we eat, eh?

peace be with you

MEM said...

its much the same as the difference between poetry and prose, what you say with one

and how you say it with the other, yet ultimately
its all the same, there is no difference

between words, as they all converge back to the same source, its perspective

which is truly unique.

Sir Isaac Newton was an odd bird, an occultist
and astronomer (as were they all). his insights into the renderings of mecanical motion,

his translation of observation and idea into mathamatical principles is to me,
nothing less than alchemy...

and how his ideas have not been discounted, but expanded, is a sign of some greater working
and ability to know

but 'we' are certainly not the first. the myans, the peblue, egyptians all had this great knowledge, their civilizations lasted for thousands of years

and were plagued, ultimately, by the limitations that were specific to their time

Now, in the west, in 'our' Modern civilization, we are plagued by duality, and the 'spectrium' of our 'reality' is very narrow

You are quite right when you suggest 'language' itself presents the barrier to which its purpose is inversly intent

Newtowian 'ideas' of motion presusposes the absolute, the yes or no. the up or down, the right and wrong, a heaven and hell

although what these ideas represent are inherent (mostly, i believe because of our mind's inability to escape gravity)

what they represent today, to our culture, has created the great unballance of 'our' ideas as a culture.

what Einstein began will eventual return mysticism back into to the 'collective' identity of culture, but what it will look like when it does return

is anyones guess. my intention to create a tarot began in 1991, but its ideas and images were floating arround in my cerbrial a bit longer

i am hopping to rework my 'drafts' to clarify my 'concept' of the 22 images of the major arcana - if all goes well, i hope to publish the deck,

at somepoint around the corner,

further ahead...