Friday, September 07, 2007

From the seed of which the flower of life blooms

Death is the seed of which the flower of life blooms now, forever and eternal. The very fabric and fundamental mind of life is distracted by the idea of death. In abstract, death is contemplated in terms of absence, loss, and regret. The images of death are all about us. Culturally, and throughout history, death has been celebrated within varying degrees and shades of meaning and ritual. Biologically, death represents certain inevitabilities relative to the functions of life. Esoterically, death is the absolute function of life, a transformation which provides the ultimate purpose of life. To know death one must know life, and in this sense both life and death are undifferentiated and both equal. The state of non-being and being cross, and one can see beyond the illusion of life and death. This state of transcendence is recognized among the ancients, and the power of this knowledge has been imbedded within every organism, every cell and every molecule of DNA. This state of being “the undifferentiated state of all matter” is the key to the evolution of life and all mankind.

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