Thursday, September 13, 2007

Quantum entanglement

the image of the lover yields the most beauty - and the most peril. the idea of the lover is complex. the most significant image i have seen is from the Deck of the Hermetic TAROT.

There a woman or man is chained to heavy boulders while the sea rages and tempests about them, and even in this, the greatest of danger, remain unaware of a looming venomous and monstrous serpent ready to strike at their heart. At hand the hero, the other, the lover holding tight his sword of righteousness ready to either free his lover or destroy the beast.

once you see this image, you will know the meaning of life, relationships, everything. i will post that image form my Hermetic Deck when i can get to the scanner, meantime i struggle with my own image of love. i know i can say what it is, what it means intellectually to me, yet visually, i am not satisfied - because i do not see yet what i feel... the lover is one of the more difficult segments i have come back to. i plant to approach it again,

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