Saturday, January 17, 2009

orange-juice, binky powder, fuck you, six pack beer

binky powder
fuck you
six pack beer
best behavior
Shredded Wheat

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darthdinn said...

okay, here's the conversation that went on, during the writing of that grocery list:
ME: "hey mark, lets go buy some groceries."
BB: "groceries? groceries. yes. no. groceries, lets not get—lets get groceries."
ME: "you need to not get all fucked up about this. lets just get groceries."
BB: "why me? groceries. yes, no, yes."
ME: "do you have any money?"
BB: "money? do i have no money?"
ME: "do you have any money, motherfucker?"
BB: "i do. i do have. i do have money, i do not, i do, i do not have money, any money. I promise."
ME: "alright (sighing) ill pay for the groceries."
BB: "you will, you will pay for the groceries?"
ME: (irritated) "yes."
BB: "i want little cakes!"
ME: "i hate you."
BB: "i want booze!"
ME: (writing the words down on the grocery list) "fuck you."
BB: "im in, im in a very very delicate state of mind right now."
ME: "i really, really hate you."
BB: " and i don't know if i can, you know, do this. i may not be in my right mind..."
ME: "you and me both, baby. you and me both."

get the picture?

ps: "binky powder" is baking powder.
"shredded wheat (un-legible)" is stoned wheat thins.